"We live in this self-absorbed world" - In fact, I feel the best use of celebrity or public appearance is to shine the spotlight on talent that might not otherwise have an opportunity. ​​

Over the years Kathrine has worked with, talked to or had email conversations with some of music industries best business people and talent. John Capek and Marc Jordan, Bernie Finkelstein, Sander Shalinsky, Julie Gibb, Miles Wilkenson, Richard Piet, Mark Rheaume, Mark S. Berry and Terry McBride. Lastly, the outstanding artists.

Once a small town girl with big time dreams, this Toronto, Canada native has evolved into a talented songwriter and business woman exemplifying confidence, passion and determination to persevere through any obstacle placed in her path.

Introduced to the pipe organ and piano at the age of four and coming from a non-traditional music family, with the exception of her mother, Weiss was guided towards the study of Math and Sciences, with English and Literature as a back up plan.


As a songwriter, her song YOU was submitted to the Grammy board for lyrical content by H. Jones and  P. Ingram, brother of James Ingram (Just Once and I Don't Have the Heart).

10 years as a FACTOR music judge in Canada and a long time member of SOCAN/BMI.

A mentor to many independent and established artists. Kathrine is always keeping up with current music trends, and helping as many as she can. ​​​Kathrine continues close relationships with artists, industry executives, record labels and management companies ensuring the success of each talent she works with.

For the last 2 years Kathrine has been the international representation for hiphop artist POPPYSEED